Plaids for Fall

Hello my lovely people We are already one month through fall. Calgary had its share of snow already and fall is slowly fading away with winter weather creeping in. But I am sure none of us want to suffer from FOMO on Fall Fashion-:) Early September set in for New York Fashion Week I followed it… Continue reading Plaids for Fall


Pick your colour!!!

Hello My People Coco Chanel famously said "The best colour in the world is the one that looks best on you". I am sure all of you have your go to colours which  lands you right in the comfort zone, colour which makes you feel you can never go wrong. A tad bit outside of… Continue reading Pick your colour!!!


AM to PM(3/3)

Hello my lovelies Welcome back to the last and final look curated by me with Jumpsuits. This one was with a mind for an easy transition to fall with a lot of optimism in Calgary climate.But well something things do not go according to plan. The weather gods decided to shower us with snow flakes… Continue reading AM to PM(3/3)


Effortless in jumpsuit – For a chic , city look(2/3)

Hello my people When I initially thought to spawn a 3 part series showcasing about styling jumpsuits my initial thought process was around finding the jumpsuits for all occasions. When it comes to formal wear the most and obvious choice for most of us is a dress. It is the safest best and we don't fear of… Continue reading Effortless in jumpsuit – For a chic , city look(2/3)


Effortless in Jumpsuit

Hellooo People It is that time of the year when summer would bid as adieu.There is always a little bit of reluctance to bid farewell to summer but yeah the fall colours mesmerise me and I am all geared up for it. The season change does its magic and I sometimes wonder how my liking… Continue reading Effortless in Jumpsuit


Pleates and pastel

Helloooo Friends Pleated garments are so popular this season. I have spotted those lovely pleated skirts in so many stores and oh my many girls out there are slaying in those skirts. Being so feminine by style pleats are considered timeless. This is definitely a reinvented trend from the 90s and when it made its… Continue reading Pleates and pastel


Being 9 to 5 Chic

Hello people We all would like to take our workplace by storm be with with our work or with our impeccable style. Over the years my idea of being chic at work has definitely changed from miles and bounds. I have been more on the client side previously and had a definite dress code to… Continue reading Being 9 to 5 Chic