A Slice of Spring

“We must accept finite disappointment but we must never lose infinite hope” – Martin Luther King.
A great quote for all of us to slow down and reflect on. There might be no socialising and social distancing is the new normal. I am one of them who had to cancel my travel plans like many others. The world needs time to reset, calm down and we have to give it time. Moving on with the hope that there is light at the end of this tunnel. All of us are at home and hopefully my post helps for that little distraction for you all in a good way. In the present circumstances leave no stone unturned to inspire and reflect on positive facets.

So last month I worked on a spring look book in collaboration Shein. I am so excited to share with you all some styling cues so that you can order in. Shein is offering some great discounts and free shipping on order over 49 CAD and additional 10% off on your first order. You can use my code as well to save some more dollars.
60Divya15 (extra 15% off over 60USD) on
79Divya15 (extra 15% off for any order) on

All the products I used in my styling is linked below
Trench Coat: . Search code is 834762
Satin Dress: Search code is 962629
Dress with knot details: Search code is 889022

Trench Coats
I would call it spring uniform. Add it on to a dress, pant, skirt, you name it and the look will instantly look super polished. I choose a trench in blue just to give the khaki or beige coloured trench a break. Paired it with a skirt. The yellow top on the skirt is actually a dress. I styled the dress with skirt and added on the trench. The layers keeps me warm and stylish too.

Satin Dress
This is my personal favorite for the season. The dress can take any shape. Add a sweater on top of a satin dress to give the illusion of a skirt, or wear it just as a dress. You can always add a coat to the dress as an additional statement piece. For the accessories I opted for layered necklace and earrings in gold.

Dress with Knot Details
A very dressy outfit in pale blue. Makes it perfect for spring. I love swiss dot details on the dress. Paired with it white boots and a silver neckpiece. Unfortunately this dress is sold out on their site but they do have many dresses with swiss dot details. You can definitely find similar ones.

Cozy Sweater Dress
Last but not the least is for all cool spring days when the intention is to remain cozy. Sweater dresses come to such a rescue. Add a bit of a colour to give it for the much needed pop.

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