Winter 2020 Must Have with Shein

Hello People

The day is just right for me to be writing this blog. We are reeling under extreme cold conditions currently. I gaze through the window as I write down my thoughts for the blog and all I see is a city turned completely white. And of course very few people outside wrapped in layers and layers of clothing.

I styled 3 Winter must haves outfits for 2020. Keeping in mind the varying levels of cold we are all exposed to, the outfit and styling ideas fit all our needs. Sip on some hot chocolate and give these tips a good read.

All the outfits are linked below
Sweater dress :  or use the search code 924323 on the website
A Waterfall Jacket:  or use the search code 319303 on the website
Chunky sweater:   or use the search code 882238 on the website
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Outfit 1: Sweater dress
An outfit that combines street style and being dressy and my first choice for winter must have is a sweater dress. The turtle neck gives the comfort the winter needs. There are neutral tone detailing on the sweater gives it the classy edge.

Giving it a touch of chic accessories with the clutch bag and the layered neck piece. The length of the dress is perfect for a thigh high boots.

Outfit 2: A Waterfall Jacket
A layering hack which comes handy for not too cold days is a simple waterfall jacket. I choose the colour brown as it goes with anything. The coat has a belt. Tie the belt to the back. This not only gives structure to the coat but also gives a lil sneak peak of the dress you wear. Pair it with gold accessories and brown booties.

Outfit 3: Chunky Sweaters
I cannot give chunky sweater a miss being in Canada. This comes handy to all Canadians as we can literally rock it for half a year. I gave it a very dressy styling by pairing it with a leather skirt and leather boots. Seems very date night apt look.

Easy to dress it down by pairing it with denims. The popcorn details on the sweater stands out. Added a small chunky neckpiece in gold.

It will be great to know your favourites of the 3. Let me know in the comments sections or on my Instagram page. Would love to hear from you all

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