Pick your colour!!!

Hello My People

DSC_0330.JPGCoco Chanel famously said “The best colour in the world is the one that looks best on you”. I am sure all of you have your go to colours which  lands you right in the comfort zone, colour which makes you feel you can never go wrong. A tad bit outside of everyone’s safe zone is the art of colour matching. The basic of any colour matching goes back to our childhood days of looking at the colour wheel. The various ways to pick the colours are selecting colours of the same family to create a monochromatic look , selecting colours belonging to the opposites creating a contrasting look. Last but not the least the most common styling is selecting the pop of colour for an neutral shade look. Of all these various choices available the hardest is to play with contrasting colours and evading the fear of looking weird at the same time. I have tried matching two such  colours which are opposites of the spectrum in the colour scheme. DSC_0325.JPGFall also comes with its own shades of colours. Most common being Berry, Rust, Brown, Yellow and its shades apart from basic hues of black and white. I matched the two most used colours of fall which are Purple and Mustard. The purple suede skirt is from Zara. I picked it during their end of season sale. I matched the skirt with mustard knit top from Guess outlet Canada. The humble knit is given an elevation with the details on the neck and on the back. Completed the look with earrings from Suzy shier and lace up boots from Call it Spring. Selected a dark brown colour for the boots. The earrings are perfect for Indian festive look as well. DSC_0331.JPG

DSC_0327.JPGDetails of the complete look:

Skirt : Zara , Knit top: Guess , Laceup Boots: Call It Spring , Earrings: Suzy Shier.

Do try mixing up colours like Blue and yellow , Blue and green , Green and Yellow or may be Purple and Orange to create your fall looks and let me know how you feel-:)Signing off with an aspiration to hold onto fall for some more time to come-:)

Until next time loads of love from Purple Ombre


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