Hi lovelies,

Don’t be surprised by my title. I’ve been a busy mommy since some time now. My baby, my heartbeat just turned 3. Time flies hey?


So here goes my next post about the same birthday party we had back in Bengaluru. The kids had so much fun at the event and I was one happy mother out there smiling looking at my baby singing, dancing and having a ball.


I was wearing a red classy dress that I always wanted to have and guess what, it was a gift from my dad. Every dad knows what his princess wants right. I paired it with the glitter footwear that I bought it from DSW. I chose to go all gold with my accessories. I wore a gold watch with a bracelet and a cool spiral earring that I bought from a store called Kushals. Guys, if you want those trendy and Indian traditional accessories then Kushals is the place you got to visit.



Coming to my makeup, ahhh that was done by my beautiful and a very talented sister of mine- Sindhu. She is one of the makeup artist in Bengaluru who will make you look flawless on all the occasion. The smokey eye and red lips was the look she chose for me. I was really sick that day but she had her magic wand (makeup brushes) and did the magic. Please check out her Facebook page Sin Shenoy. Makeup Artist or follow her at Instagram page sin_souji (Glimmer and gloss).


So all I did out there was to spend time with family and friends. Family comes first right? And friends are family 🙂