A Tale of Boots and Jackets

Hello People


It is good to be back after a break. I need another vacation since my last outing was hectic and like the saying good things end way too fast. Halfway through Feb we are all awaiting the dawn of spring and the wonderful colours it brings along with it. With the last segment of winter it is imperative that jackets, knits, boots dominates our preferences.


Me and my BFF were strolling in the mall and there we find this jacket which gave me the foretaste of spring. It is more towards the pastel side and fits perfectly. We did not have a deal but we loved it way too much to give up. Here I put together a casual look using this green jacket. As you all know my obsession to yellow continues, I added the yellow knitted sweater to the jacket. The jacket is not heavy but still keeps me warm. The layered golden earring adds the right amount of bling. The Mint green belt is from a store called Essence in Calgary.



Talking about the boots I find it really hard to get boots which fits right. This one was an exception. That day Steve Madden had a sale of 25% and I knew the boots had to be mine.


The overall look is amalgamation of our favourite and most frequently visited brands in Canada.


The complete details of my look

Mint Green Jacket: ZARA

White Casual pant: RW and CO

Yellow Sweater: Banana Republic

Golden Earrings: Dynamite

Boots: Steve Madden.


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