Work in Progress!

Hello my lovely people

Every week starts with a positive note. Every day is a fresh start. Life is all about experimenting and learning new things. Hence Work in Progress.


It’s always been a challenge for me when it comes to “What to wear to work?” You need to express what you are yet look stylish, confident and professional at the same time. The perfect mix and match comes from experimenting, and this is one of mine.


The baby pink sweater from RW&CO is paired with a grey formal pant from Costco. The navy blue Michael Kors blazer makes you look sharp. Wear this when you are going out on a client meeting or you have a presentation. The look goes incomplete without some accessories and so I have this long layered necklace that was a gift from my aunt in India and the earrings from Costco again.


My outfit details:

Sweater: RW&CO

Blazer: Michael Kors

Pant: Costco

Shoe: Aldo

Necklace: Gift from a lovely aunt of mine

Watch: Movado

Earrings: Gift from my love

Bag: Ted Baker

So all you lovely people out there have a wonderful week ahead. Share your thoughts.


Purple Ombre




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