Pastel and Purple

Hello People!!

Its already a week into 2018!! Time flies.I hope all of you had a very good start so far. Every year we all are curious to see how the year looks like. Like many of you I did look into what 2018 has in store for us in terms of fashion and retail. 2018 is said to be the year for purple and its shades. All major fashion fashion giants are obsessing on purple and yes it is seen dominating the runways. Inspired by this prediction I wanted a look dedicated to purple and of course winter friendly.


Way back during Black Friday i had my eyes set on  this jacket. The deal was not pleasing enough at that time.I waited till boxing day and it was worth the wait. I got the deal I wanted and the jacket has found a sweet spot in my closet.


It is thick and warm. Comes with a big fur hood which I absolutely loved. Even in winter I cant part from my dresses. I decided to use the jacket with a pastel pink dress but added soft thermal pants to ward off the cold. The dress has subtle layers which makes it cute. I added yet another shade of purple in my statement neck piece. The long earrings has purple stone on it which matches the neck piece. The overall look is formal, winter ready.



The details of my look

Jacket: RW and Co

Dress: Ross , San Jose

Neckpiece : Ricki’s

Boots: Globo , Calgary

Please do share your comments and thoughts.


Purple Ombre

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