Professional Poise

Namaste to all.

It seems like we have not blogged in ages. I missed this space so much in the last couple of weeks.The gloomy snowy days did not help either but a sneak peak of the sun and the new post of  Purple Ombre never fails to bring a smile on my face.


Yes winter has come. Personally, having to face the biting cold and getting dressed to look fashionable is a big task to achieve. But on a positive note the dawn of a new season has inspired me to welcome new shades into my closet. I am a firm believer of being 9 to 5 chic. I love those pencil skirts, well fitted tops or tailored pants. Given a choice to choose between a casual outfit or a formal I tend to lean more towards the latter. This time I tried matching burgundy with different shades of grey. 


The tailored burgundy pant is from RW&CO. I got it sometime during fall.The top is a simple grey floral lace from H&M. I added the burgundy statement neck-piece for a more defined look.


The blazer is completely optional. Probably I will add it only on the days when I have a presentation. The bag from DKNY is slightly different shade of grey. And yet again you see my favourite kitten heel closed toe shoe. 

Please do send me your comments and suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Professional Poise”

  1. I was waiting to see the new outfit. with the onset of winter u have come out with a perfect piece to suite the season. Colour combination perfect .looks very gorgeous
    Location ideal. Photo super


  2. burgundy neck piece perfectly matches your pants. Bag matches your shoes and top. And you are matching the whole fashion. very nice. Proud of your professional taste. Good photographs. Try to post some videos if you can. So that we can see live


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