Romance With Ruffles

Hello Friends

We are nearing the end of summer and it has been the season of ruffles. From runways to street fashion, dresses to sleeves ruffles have dominated the summer so far. I have been hunting for a ruffle dress and now I cannot wait to showcase this dress I have been gushing about.

I ordered this dress online from a store called Dynamite. It is an off shoulder piece – Chic and Simple. This dress is very comfortable, fits well and the color is vibrant. I styled this dress for 2 different looks using some of the accessories I already owned. Perfect fit for the multipurpose wardrobe!!!!!

Option 1: For the casual look I paired the dress with a simple pendant necklace and hoops. The shoe is from Aldo. My watch matches with the dress.The watch is a gift from my best friend!!!



Option 2: Convert the same dress for a party. I matched the outfit with black and golden accessories. I took the black and gold belt from another skirt I owned and matched it with black and golden stilettos from DSW. The golden choker adds the right amount of bling. Finally I completed the look with a black and gold clutch.




Dress: Dynamite

Pendant neck piece: Reitmans

Gold Choker : Ardene, Calgary

Casual shoe: Aldo

Stilettos : Jessica Simpson from DSW (Got it during a sale for 20 CAD approx )

Watch and Clutch : Gift

6 thoughts on “Romance With Ruffles”

  1. Both the looks are beautiful….loved the second one more…..simple transformation from casual to party look you have shown is real cool….


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